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What is Web Hosting? Types of Web Hosting.

Today's you will know about hosting means "What is Web Hosting? And How many Types of Web Hosting". So that you can choose the right hosting for your website.

Today’s, I’ll tell you what web hosting is. Having a website of your own is a great thing. It’s important to have proper knowledge for everyone to maintain the website. Creating a website requires a lot of things to keep in mind, such as domain name and hosting for your website, which makes our website recognized.

But those who are new to the blogging world don’t know much about the meaning of hosting, and that’s why they choose to mis-host their needs, which makes them face a lot of problems going forward.

So in this article today, you will only know about hosting means “What is Web Hosting? And Types of Web Hosting”. how many types of them are. So that you can choose the right hosting for your website.

Web hosting is required to show any website on the Internet. If you are going to create a website or you have to know how to make a website, you should also be aware of web hosting.

Today, we will learn in this article what is web hosting?, How are these types?, How does it work? What are the features?  What’s the difference between hosting and domain? beginning

What is Web Hosting? (What is web hosting?)

When you create a website or blog, all its contents like images, videos, pages, etc., have to be stored in the server so that others can access it through the Internet.

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Web hosting is a type of service that lets us upload our website to the internet.

For website hosting, we need a powerful server that should always be connected to the Internet so that our website is available to users for 24 hours without any problems.

What is Web Hosting_ Types of Web Hosting.
What is Web Hosting_ Types of Web Hosting.

Since we cannot maintain this type of server ourselves because it has a very high maintanance cost, we resort to web hosting companies for website hosting. Web hosting companies have their own powerful server, technology, and technical staffs.

We buy the hosting service according to the monthly or annual package and we get space in their servers where we can easily host our website.

How many types of web hosting are there? Types of web hosting

Web hosting is also a variety of types, when we create a website, we buy hosting as per our requirement. There are mainly 4 types:

  1. Shared
  2. Dedicated
  3. Vps
  4. Cloud

Let’s now understand these in a little detail:

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Shared Hosting: 

As the name suggests, many websites in this type of hosting are using the same server.

Since you’re using space, RAM, and CPU on the same server together, it will be much cheaper for you than other hosting.

For example, if you use your own car to go somewhere, you have to spend more money, and if you travel on the bus, you will save a lot of money.

You may encounter problems if the congestion is high on the bus at the time of the trip, just like that, shared hosting can sometimes cause some problems.

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For example, if the traffic in your website is too high, the speed of the website will be reduced and your visitors may see some technical errors.

Shared hosting is better for whom:

This type of hosting is much better for you if your business is small or you’re just getting started. You should start with shared hosting if you are creating a blog. It’s very easy to host a website in shared hosting. You can easily install many tools and plugins.

Dedicated Hosting:

It has your own rights on the entire server. It has many advantages, but it is very expensive compared to other hosting. Since only your website is being hosted on the entire server, it is completely in your control. You can make changes to its opertating system and other settings.

One of the advantages of dedicated hosting is that you can avoid the damage caused by more traffic. This increases the speed and performance of your website.

Dedicated Hosting is better for whom:

A website that has a lot of traffic should take dedicated hosting. If you have an ecommerce website that has a huge size, it will be a much better hosting for you.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting: 

VPS Hosting

We can understand vps hosting as a mix of both shared and dedicated hosting. In this model you have a dedicated server but this server is virtual server and not physical, let’s understand in a little detail:

Here a server is divided into a number of virtual servers. A virtual server is given to a website and only the same is the right on that part.

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A website gets more space, computing power, and bandwidth than shared hosting, so the page load time becomes more fast than shared hosting in VPS hosting.

It is not better than dedicated hosting, but it is much better than shared hosting. If you think that your site is going to have a lot of volume traffic, you should know that it has some limitations in VPS hosting as well.

Who uses VPS hosting?

Small websites that receive a small amount of traffic can also take advantage of VPS hosting. If you think your site’s loading speed is decreasing, you’d be better off choosing VPS hosting than a shared hosting.

Cloud Hosting: 

Cloud Hosting

The problem with dedicated servers and VPS is that you have fewer resources where there is a limit of storage and capacity. Although most websites don’t get access to this limitation, sometimes some contents of the website may be viral and suddenly increase traffic that is difficult to handle.

The solution to these problems you can find in cloud hosting. There is no one server, but many servers together host your website.

In the last few years, cloud hosting has been very popular and the trend is increasing.

High volume traffic on your site on cloud hosting does not affect its loading speed.

However, you cannot control the entire server in it like dedicated hosting, i.e. you can’t change any server settings or install any special software.

But if you have a simple website and you don’t need more technical options, cloud hosting might be a good option for you.

Who uses cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is a very flexible hosting solution. You can increase disk space and memory as per your requirement. It is perfect for organizations and it is also very useful for website owners who are disturbed by traffic spikes from time to time.

How does web hosting work?

There are many companies for web hosting that allow website owners to host websites on their servers and instead take some money from you every month. After uploading all the HTML pages, images, videos, etc., to the server, anyone can see it through the Internet at any time through the web address (domain name).

Whenever an internet user enters a web address in your web browser on your website, his computer will connect to the server where you have been hosting the website. Now the server will display those HTML pages and contents on visitor’s browser.

What’s the difference between web hosting and domain? Domain Vs Hosting

Domain names and web hosting are two different things. But there are a lot of companies that sell both domains and hosting. – GoDaddy, for example, is the world’s largest domain registrar, but it also offers hosting in addition to domains.

And this is also one of the reasons why people are often confused between web hosting and domains.

If we put in simple terms:

“A domain name is like your home address; While web hosting, your home rooms are where you keep your stuff. “

Here is the address domain name which is the address of your website and uses computer hard disks, memory, etc. for storage, which are called web hosting/

What are the Features in hosting?

When buying hosting, you must take care of some of the basic features below, which may vary according to hosting type hosting, hosting company and plan.


Bandwidth indicates the amount of data that is transfer between your website and visitors in a given time. With more bandwidth, more and more people can access your website at the same time without any interruptions, and low bandwidth can reduce your website speed.


This is one of the most important features of a trusted web hosting provider. Many companies give guaranteed uptime which means your website will be available to your visitors at least 99.9 percent of the time.


In every hosting account you need enough disk space to store your web pages, graphics, other media files, etc. You should choose the best hosting plan for yourself keeping in mind your needs.


You can take web hosting as well as email hosting in which you can create custom email addresses for yourself or for your organization. Email hosting also includes many other features from receiving emails, sending mail, such as virus & spam filters, address book, calendar, etc.


Sometimes some files are deleted from your computer and your data is lost. Keep in mind that the server is also a type of computer, which also is prone to data loss, so keep in mind that your hosting providers are giving you a backup facility.

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Customer Support: 

This is also very important, you should know if your hosting provider is available for your technical support, can you call them? What time do they stay available? Can you tell them your problem by sending them an email? What is their response time? What is the live chat feature? Do they have forums, tutorial articles, etc.? With these features, you can easily solve any problems related to future hosting.

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In this tutorial, we have given you complete information about “What is Web Hosting? Types of Web Hosting.”. You must tell you how to comment and share your suggestions with us.

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